convert Quicken to Quickbooks

How to Convert Quicken to Quickbooks: [Simple Methods]

convert Quicken to Quickbooks

If you’ve got an account on Quicken accounting software and somehow, you would like to convert Quicken to QuickBooks then you’ll easily do this by attending a couple of steps.

There are mainly two methods to convert Quicken files into QuickBooks files: 

1: The first one is the “Utilities” a feature within QuickBooks 

2: Either you can go with the “Quicken Converter” Tool.

In this article, we’ll discuss the varied ways to vary Quicken to QuickBooks. However, before initiating the reformation, you’ve got to consider some crucial points:

  • You should be aware that the Quicken file converting process is irrevocable. If you’ve already converted Quicken to QuickBooks, you won’t be able to reverse the flow.
  • Before transforming the data to a QuickBooks file, make sure you’ve made a backup of it. Thus, it seems you have a backup alternative if you need to use the Quicken program in the future
  • If you are using Quicken on a Mac, you won’t be able to convert your Mac database to QuickBooks data. You must first convert the Mac files to Windows format before converting them to QuickBooks.

 Convert Quicken To QuickBooks

Occasions To Use QuickBooks Converter

The utility makes it simple to convert Quicken files to QuickBooks. However, this isn’t always achievable. As a result, customers are often forced to consider other choices, such as using a converter.

  • If the Quicken software version isn’t similar to the QuickBooks version, then perhaps the user won’t be able to transform the file into QuickBooks.

Let’s assume you want to convert a Quicken 2018 file to QuickBooks 2020 edition. In such a case, you’ll have to use the converter to complete the process.

  • Unless the user has an identical version both for Quicken and QuickBooks, converting Quicken files to QuickBooks is a breeze.
  • However, if you want to convert Quicken for Mac files, both “Utilities” and “Quicken Converter” can assist.
  • You’ll need to convert Quicken Mac files to Quicken Windows files initially.

Now we’ll look at how to convert a Quicken file to QuickBooks using two different techniques.

Procedure To Convert Quicken To QuickBooks Online With Utilities

Follow the below steps to convert Quicken files to QuickBooks with help of Quickbooks’s in-built option ‘Utilities.’

  • Launch QuickBooks and look for the “File” option in the search box.
  • Select the “File” tab from the menu and look for the “Utilities” option.
  • When you pick the Utilities, the fourth option will appear: “Convert.” hit it.
  • You’ll be taken to a unique menu with options such as From Quicken, From Peachtree, From Microsoft Small Business Accounting, and From Microsoft Office Accounting when you select the button. “From Quicken” is the option to choose.
  • Obtain the Quicken file and load it on your computer using the file extension (.QDF).
  • After that, keep following Conversion Utility’s instructions for a successful transformation.
  • If the procedures above didn’t help you convert your Quicken file to QuickBooks or if you want additional information about the Conversion Utility, click F1. You’ll be sent to the help window after pressing the button. To learn more about the strategy, type “convert from Quicken.”

Procedure to Convert Quicken File To QuickBooks With QuickBooks Converter

When the recipient’s Quicken version differs out from the QuickBooks version, the user must utilize Quicken Converter. The following is a step-by-step tutorial to make the task easier for you.

  • Because you’re using QuickBooks Desktop, you’ll have to download an equal version of the Quicken Converter to begin the converting process. You may easily get the program from Intuit’s official website. Click on Quicken Converter 2021 to get the most recent version of the Quicken Converter for the year 2021.
  • Following the conclusion of the download. On the screen, look for the file you want to open and click it.
  • When you first start the downloaded program, it will ask you to approve the Terms and Conditions. Simply choose “Accept.”
  • To begin the installation, select “Next” and then “Install.”
  • The program will now begin to install.
  • Choose the option “Finish” after the installation operation is complete.
  • Select “I’m transferring data from Quicken for Windows” to begin the conversion process. 
  • Your Quicken files may now be converted to QuickBooks. Select “Open a knowledge file located on this computer” to browse the files on your device
  • Select a Quicken file with the (.QDF) and then choose “OK.”
  • Select the option “Convert It!” and then hit the “OK.” button.  This process will get you another inch ahead to transferring the database from Quicken files to QuickBooks.
  • To save several copies of the new Quicken file (.QDF), hit the Save and then Exit.
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Multiple Steps to Convert Quicken Mac File To Quicken Windows File

While the conversion process some data may be lost. Always double-check that you created the backup file to go through the converted data with.

  • Access the (2015, 2016, or 2017) Quicken Mac file.
  • Select the Quicken files that need to be converted.
  • Select “Export” from the drop-down menu.
  • Following the steps above, the Quicken Mac file will be converted to a Windows file with the name Quicken Window
  • Transfer File (QFX).
  • Save the (.QFX) file to your computer.
  • Transfer the saved file to your Windows-based PC (thumb drive, CD/DVD).
  • Open the Windows version of Quicken.
  • Select the ‘File’ option. Then select “New Quicken File” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “OK” from the drop-down menu.
  • Press “OK” after entering a new name.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Is it possible to convert Quicken files to QuickBooks files online?

  • You can! but first, you will, however, switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. To convert Quicken files to QuickBooks Desktop, first change the Quicken files to QuickBooks Desktop, then pick online conversion.
  • Alternatively, you may convert Quicken files to (.CSV) and then import them into QuickBooks Online.

Q. What is the best way to convert Quicken files to (.CSV)?

  1. To begin, open the file.
  2. Select “Export” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose “Export to CSV file” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select a location and click Save.


Hopefully, this article helped you well to understand the conversion of Quicken to Quickbooks files.  We attempted to clarify all viable methods to convert the Quicken files into QuickBooks. During this article, we reviewed all the fixation methods in a step-by-step process to ease your way of using Utilities and also the Quicken Converter tool. And if you are a Quicken MAC user then we cover those parts also in this article. Hopefully, it’d assist you to unravel your queries.

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