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How To Download and Restore QuickBooks Enterprise For mac? 

Quickbooks software earned tons of notability around the world within the accounting and bookkeeping field. This software is understood for its user-friendly interface that assists the users to take care of their accounting activity. Through Quickbooks, a user can choose many book-keeping activities like payroll management, create customized receipts, bill payments, track inventories, and far more. But software being software, it also has problems like other software like glitches or errors while downloading the Quickbooks enterprise for MAC.

If you’re the one who is facing errors and glitches while installing Quickbooks desktop on Mac, then this is often the place where you’ll get all the answers associated with errors during QB installation. Read this post to the top. We’ll allow you to know the entire process to download and install Quickbooks enterprise for Mac. But first, let’s explore the Quickbooks Enterprise version for the Mac OS to know the error that occurred during installation, more closely that helps to erase them easily and fast.QuickBooks Enterprise For mac

What is QuickBooks Enterprise For Mac?

As the above paragraph clearly states that, the QuickBooks accounting software is employed by many users worldwide to take care of their book-keeping and accounting activity. As we all know Quickbooks accounting software is out there in three different versions, the professional version, premier Version, and therefore the Enterprise Version, and therefore the better part of those versions is that it’s available for Mac Operating Systems too. But there are many Mac Users who’re facing errors and disturbances while Quickbooks Enterprise for Mac Download.

Using Quickbooks on Mac OS features a separate section that gives some exclusive features just for Mac Users. All this makes the accounting process easy and hassle-free. a number of the features that QuickBooks Mac Desktop offers are, automatic reminders in i-calendar, timely notifications within the menu bar, auto contacts sync within the Mac Operating system’s address book.

Let’s get ahead to understand the thanks to download Quickbooks enterprise from a mac with no error interruption. But there are some points that you simply should need to check out before hoping to understand the steps to download Quickbooks enterprise 2015 for Mac.

Points to Remember

Every Mac OS user should need to keep these points in mind before Quickbooks enterprise for Mac download.

  • Before installing Quickbooks Enterprise on Mac OS, the user has got to confirm that the minimum system requirement for the actual Mac version is fulfilled for quick installation.
  • Also, confirm you’ve got purchased the proper version of Quickbooks, like Quickbooks for Mac
  • Before the installation, the foremost important point to think about is that the user has prepared the license and merchandise number. you’ll get the merchandise number, If:
  1. Download the merchandise online, then check your email confirmation that contains the license and merchandise number.
  2. You have the CD, then search for the scratch-off label on the packaging.

Minimum System Requirement for Quickbooks Mac Desktop 

  • Intel processor, Core 2 Duo or higher
  • MacOS 10.14 (Mohave): supported by macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
  • Multi-User Server: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor to run a server
  • 2 GB RAM, however, 4 GB RAM is recommended
  • 250 MB disk space available
  • CD/DVD drive or internet connection for the downloaded installation
  • The printer should be a 100% Macintosh-compatible printer, in order to print the invoices, checks, deposit slips, lists, purchase orders, mailing labels, reports, etc.
  • For Mac, using Intuit Checks to print checks
  • Product registration is a must.

Download and Installation Steps for QuickBooks Enterprise Solution For Mac

Follow the below manual steps to download, install, and find Quickbooks Enterprise 2015 for mac.

QuickBooks Enterprise For mac

  • The first thing is to download the Quickbooks enterprise software from the official site of Quickbooks. If you’ve got a physical copy of the software then skip this part.
  • Now the user has got to visit the Quickbooks support website and choose the Mac version of the software.
  • If you’re facing issues while downloading the installer, then the user is suggested to clear the browser’s cookies and cache memory. If the problems still persist then use another browser for the downloading procedure.
  • Now, after the downloading process completes, attend the situation where the downloaded file is landed, double-click on the QB executable file to start out the extraction process.
  • Once the extraction process is completed, click on the Yes to all or any option then click on the next to start out the Installation option.
  • Now, the software License Agreement window will appear on the screen. Click on the next option after a careful read of the term and condition policies.
  • In the next step, a replacement window will appear where the user is required to enter the right License and therefore the product number then hit the Next button
  • The next dialogue will invite the sort of installation and provides you two options:
  1. EXPRESS: – If you’re an old QB user, just choose this feature. Choosing the Express option will replace the previous data of Quickbooks on your system with the new one.
  2. CUSTOM AND NETWORK: – once you are choosing Multiple versions of the Quickbooks desktop, then choose the Custom and Network option. This feature will allow the user to share data with an equivalent network.
  • After the above steps, the dialogue box will appear that asks where you’ll be using QB Desktop. (You can skip this feature if you select the Express option before.)
  1. I’ll be using QuickBooks on this Computer: When the user isn’t getting to store the corporate file on the Mac during which you’re running Quickbooks
  2. I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer, and I’ll be storing company files here: when the user goes to store the corporate file on an equivalent system on which Quickbooks enterprise for mac is being installed.
  3. I will not utilize QuickBooks on this Mac, I’ll be storing our business file here: when the user uses it as a digital computer.
  • After completing the above steps the user has got to click on the Next button to continue the installation.
  • Restart the Mac and activate the QuickBooks Enterprise desktop, once the installation process is completed.

Steps to Convert the Company File in Quickbooks

When a QB user opts to upgrade the previous Quickbooks desktop for the Mac version then the user has to update the company file to work in the newer version.  Do follow the steps to conclude this method: 

  • First, go to the newer Quickbooks desktop version and open the company file  
  • When you get a dialogue box stating: Quickbooks To Update or Convert the company file, choose the Upgrade option there.
  • After that, click on the Ok button, if any other dialogue box appears on the screen
  • At last, you have to ensure the correct company file is converted by checking the balance, reports, and account. 

Steps to Set-up Multi-user in Quickbooks desktop For Mac

If the user wants to access the Multi-user mode in the upgraded version then he/she should set up Quickbooks in Multi-user mode to ensure all the clients will access all the present files at the same time without any hassle. Do follow the steps to complete the process.

QuickBooks Enterprise For mac

  • First, go to the Multi-user folder within the Quickbooks company file.
  • After that, the user has to drag the Quickbooks server icon to the application folder.
  • When the above process is completed, click on the Yes option to modify the application folder.
  • After that, click on the Ok button and then enter the username and password for the authentication.
  • Now the user has to go to the Quickbooks Desktop and open the company file. 
  • At last, the user has to navigate towards the file and choose the Enable Multi-user mode to share the company file access.  

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Limitation of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop for Mac

As discussed above, Quickbooks enterprise desktop for mac is an amazing software that anyone has. But there are certain limitations of this software that a user may face while using it. These limitations are:

1: A user can not access data via Phone

Quickbooks enterprise solution for Mac does not permit the users to access the data from Mobile phones, in comparison to Quickbooks online.  

2: limited Technical Assistance

With the Quickbooks Enterprise desktop for mac, a user only gets 30 days of Technical support for free, after that the user has to pay for it.

3: Only Three User License 

There are only two user licenses offered from Quickbooks for mac. If the user wants to exceed the limitation, he/she can buy an additional license only.

Final Words!

Once you complete all the above steps regarding download, installation, and set-up you are able to use Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop for Mac to the optimum level. 

This post is a cyclopedic guide to know everything about Quickbooks Enterprise for Mac. This post covers every aspect related to Quickbooks for Mac. Through this guide, a user can get to know the system requirements for QuickBooks enterprise for mac download and get to know the steps to download and then install and then set up the version on the system in different requirements. At last, this post will let you know about the limitations of the Quickbooks for Mac to make you aware of every pro and con. 

In case you need any other assistance apart from this guide, or you feel hesitant to perform the above task on your own then it is advised to contact QuickBooks Customer Support experts. They are 24X7 available to assist QB users when they get stuck in a bad situation. Quickbooks Customer support serves assistance worldwide.

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