QuickBooks Error 15241

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 15241?

QuickBooks Error 15241

QuickBooks Accounting Software is the most advanced and popular accounting software acquired by many small and medium-sized companies from all over the world. But despite being helpful assistance in your business this software has some issues in the terms of different QuickBooks Error.  QuickBooks Error 15241 is one of them that is related to the QuickBooks Payroll function. In this error, QuickBooks Desktop Software stopped updating the file properly. When the file copy service of QuickBooks Desktop is disabling the error occurs. 

Though we all understand, the accounting and bookkeeping system is a vital element of any business to manage, and with QuickBooks Payroll software, it will become much easier and less stressful. This program overcomes all obstacles and eliminates all errors in the accounting and bookkeeping processes. There are fewer human interruptions in the operation, and the outputs are always correct, and there’s only a small margin of error in the outcome when the original input quantity and data are incorrect.

So let’s get to the point that What is QuickBooks Error 15241? What causes the error and its solutions in detail? These are the questions you are wondering for and here you will find all the answers one by one in a detailed form.

What is QuickBooks Error 15241? 

The QuickBooks update error 15241 indicates that the payroll update is not completely successful. This error also is triggered because a specific service called File Copy Service (FCS) is being disabled. This service is necessary important for the smooth working of QuickBooks Desktop Software.

File copy service

File Copy service file is also known as Intuit.QuickBooks.FCS.exe file that mainly functions to start and perform the updates for QuickBooks. When the user is updating the QuickBooks desktop this FCS file is running in the framework until the process is completed. In the case of disabled FCS, it is hard to perform the updating process of QuickBooks and also for QuickBooks payroll.     

What are the signs of Error 15241 QuickBooks?

With these signs, you will get to know that your system might have encountered error 15241 QuickBooks

  • Your system will crash suddenly.
  • You will get the notification of error 15241 on your screen in a message box like this;

Quickbooks Error Code 15241

  • Your system will work slowly and stop responding to commands from keyboards and the mouse. 
  • You are enabled to install the payroll update. 

If you will notify me of these pointers in your system, you are being encountered with QuickBooks error 15241. Scroll down to acknowledge the factors that arise the error.

Causes of Quickbooks Error 15241

As it is cleared above that this error is aroused due to the disabled FSC file but here we discuss all the major and minor possible reasons that may cause the Error 15241 QuickBooks to occurs. 

  • First of all FSC (File Copy service) is not active
  • First of all FSC (File Copy service) is broken or infected.
  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks
  • System Configuration and settings are incorrect
  • Somehow the payroll updates are damaged.
  • The improper system shutdown could be a factor too.
  • Sometimes AntiVirus, Anti Spyware, or malware misbehave.

How to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 15241?

After having plenty of knowledge about QuickBooks update error 15241 here, you will get to know the solutions to quick fixes the QuickBooks error 15241 on your own in some simple steps. But there are different solutions for the different versions of Windows so read it carefully and apply the correct solution related to your Windows version. 

But first of all, close the QB Desktop and then apply any of the methods. To open the Manage window there are some different ways according to the different Windows OS and every method is different from the other.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista 

  • To access the My Computer option, go to the Start menu and choose it.
  • Select the Manage option by right-clicking on the My Computer option with your mouse
  • Click the Services and Applications button on the left side bottom of the new screen titled Computer Management
  • The Services option will now appear on the right side of the Services and Applications pane. Double-click it to activate it.
  • A list of Services will appear; select and highlight the Intuit QuickBooks FCS option, then double-click it once again.
  • Now head to the General tab, drop-down arrow towards the Startup Type option, and pick the Manual tab.

Quickbooks Error 15241

  • After that, tap the Apply button>> Start button >> OK button.
  • finally, Restart the QuickBooks Desktop and then download the latest released version of QuickBooks software.
  • And then go to the payroll tax tables and update it.

Hopefully, the solution for Windows 7 and Vista will resolve the error code 15241 QuickBooks from your system. If you have a different OS system on your computers like  Windows 10 or Windows 8 then go on a little further scroll down and read the next solution and apply it carefully.

Windows 10 and Windows 8

  • Go to the File Explorer, then click on the left side of the window.
  • From File Explorer, right-click on This PC and then select the Manage option.
  • The Computer Management window appears in the Manage window.
  • Click on the Services and Applications tab on the left column.
  • Then, upon this right side of the Services and Applications box, double-click the Services option.
  • A menu of services will appear.
  • Now, using the mouse pointer, scroll to the Intuit QuickBooks FCS option and double-click it.
  • Then go to the General tab, select the Startup Type option from the drop-down arrow, and then select the Manual tab.
  • After that, click on the Apply button >> Start option >> the OK button.
  • Restart QuickBooks and then download the latest version updates for the QuickBooks program.
  • Finally, make sure the payroll tax tables are up to date.

Windows XP operating System

  • After closing the QuickBooks desktop, go to My Computer and choose the Manage option.
  • Now Computer management screen will open, navigate, and click on to Services and application option. 
  • On this screen click on the Services 
  • Now go down to find the Intuit QuickBooks FCS option double click on it. Now Intuit QuickBooks FCS properties windows will open up.
  • Now go to the General tab and select the drop-down arrow to Start-up the option and then click on the Manual tab.
  • Now hit on the Ok Button
  • Restart your QuickBooks software and then download the version updates released for your QuickBooks software. 
  • Now, update your payroll tax table.

Steps to Update payroll tax table

Now when we learn about every other fact that causes QuickBooks error 15241 and also have the knowledge to tackle it with the above-written steps. But there’s a catch in every solution is that at last, you have to update your tax table to check the error is still in here or not. So how to update the Payroll tax table is the next point to discuss.

To fix the QuickBooks Error 15241, first get the payroll tax table update and then read the directions to repair the QuickBooks Error 15241.

  • Start the QuickBooks Desktop and select the Employees menu.
  • Now, choose the Get payroll updates option
  • A fresh page under the name of “Get Payroll Updates” will open on the screen. 

Quickbooks Error 15241

  • Checkmark on the Download the entire payroll update option.
  • Then click on the update option
  • After completing the above actions, the Payroll Tax table will get updated that showed up in the downloaded window on the screen.

Surely, these methods will help you with the QB error that occurred in your system. If not then consult with experts of QuickBooks on the toll-free number. the QuickBooks Payroll Support advisors will definitely help you with proper instructions. 

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