QuickBooks Error H202

How to Fix QuickBooks Error H202?

QuickBooks error H202

The QuickBooks error H202 is a multi-user error. Whenever you try to connect with the company file and the workstation fails to communicate with it due to some internal or external technical glitches and does not allow the user to access the company file allocated on another computer. That’s when QuickBooks Error H202 occurs.

What is QuickBooks Error H202?

QuickBooks supports all the small and medium-sized enterprises to configure their accounting needs with QuickBooks Accounting Software Pack Developed and marketed by Intuit. There is one more feature called Multi-user mode in QuickBooks that allows multiple users to work on a single company file at the same time. In this system, a QuickBooks company file is stored on a server computer, and all computers are connected to a network, called a Workstation. When the workstation seeks the network issue it denies the connection between the user and the company file. 

When this error occurs the user will end up receiving a QB error code message. It implies that Error H202, this company file is on another computer, QuickBooks needs some help connecting.

QuickBooks Error H202 Message

Before heading towards the solutions occurring QB errors, acknowledge the reasons behind the Error H202. Knowing the cause gets easy to solve the problem by its roots and also helpful for further knowledge.  

What Causes QuickBooks Error H202?

QuickBooks always establish the connection to the QuickBooks server, whenever you open the company file. But when Multi-User Error H202 arises, QuickBooks get enabled to connect with a remote server because of these factors described below.

  • QuickBooks hosting configuration and settings are incorrect.
  • Conflict with DNS server
  • QuickBooks Server has been blocked to exchange data by a server computer firewall.
  •  The network data file .ND is corrupted or damaged. 
  • Clash in multiple database server manager versions running.
  • QuickBooks is unable to get the IP address of the host system or server hosting the company file. 

All of these reasons are the major factor that activates the Error H202, but one thing here has to be lightened up the factors written above are very important but revolves around only two things: Communication and Connectivity. So it shows that communication and connectivity is the major factor occurring QuickBooks Error H202

Effects Of Quickbooks Error H202Quickbooks Error Code H202

There are some sort of signs and indicators that showed up the error H202 is harming your system.  

  • QuickBooks users are not able to transfer to multiple Consumer Mode
  • QuickBooks runs slow or gets freeze 
  • Error H202 message Pop-up on the display screen
  • Not be able to access company file located on another computer
  • The computer works slower than at the usual time. 

With the help of these signs, you can easily get to know that your computer might have activated QB Status Error or QuickBooks errors H202. Whenever you encounter these indicators in your system and recognize that your system might have a QB error, try to solve this error on your own by the solution written ahead.  

Methods to Troubleshoot Quickbooks Error H202

Many factors cause error H202 as it has several solutions too. You keep trying the solutions until you will get rid of this QB status error. But firstly, you have to register as an Administrator before trying these solutions. But before applying these solutions to remove your error first back-up all your data because sometimes if you perform the solution incorrectly you can lose all your company file data. So now, let’s check out all the solutions written below.   

Method: 1 Check Network Connectivity

  • Open the Window Search Bar type “RUN” on it to open Run Window.
  • Type “cmd” in the content field then click “Enter”.
  • Here, type “Ping” and then your “server name” from your workstation and then hit the “Enter’ button. While doing this make sure to keep space between the PING and your SERVER NAME. 
  • If you are getting a late reply or noticing any packet data loss which means your network has some issues and it needs to be repaired.

To repair your network move to the next step solution.

Method: 2 Use Quickbooks File Doctor ToolQB Error Code H202

  • First of all, you have to install the QuickBooks Tool hub software from the website of Intuit.
  • From the QB Tool Hub, select the Company file Issue tab
  • Click on “Run QuickBook file Doctor” it will take some time to open.
  • In the QB file Doctor, select the name of your company from the drop-down section, if you can’t find it just Browse and search it on the search tab.
  • Select the middle option “Check Your File” and then hit on the “Continue” button.
  • Enter the Password of your QuickBooks admin and then click on the “Next” button.

It will take a moment to scan your file and locate the error but, it may take more time depending on the size of your file. Once the scan is completed, open the QuickBooks and your company file. It may resolve your problem but if it’s not then the scan itself says that the scan is unsuccessful.

Method: 3 Use QuickBooks Data Server Manager

  • First, Go to the Server and Click on the “Windows Start Menu”.
  • Type “DataBase” in the search bar.
  • A list of results appears where you have to select “QuickBooks Database server Manager”.
  • In QB Database Server Manager, find the Company which contains all the files and folders.
  • Select the Folder there and then click the “Start Scan” button. 
  • QBDBSM fixes the firewall permission automatically and scanning starts which takes some time.
  • After scanning, click on the “Close” button
  • Now open QuickBooks on the computers that show the error H202.
  •  Go to the “File Menu’” in QuickBooks.
  • Switch to the Multi-user pattern to use.

If it works then the error H202 has gone and you resolve the issue but if you can’t then check out the next solution.

Method: 4 Configure the QuickBooks services

Here, we have to make sure the QB services are running on the server computer or not. To verify the status of QuickBooks DBXX and QBCF monitor service with the network server, following the instructions given below.

  • Type “RUN” into the Windows Search Bar.
  • In Run type “Services.msc” and then hit the “Enter” button.
  • In “Service Windows” browse and double click on “QuickBooks DBXX on the list.
  • The properties of the QuickBooks DBXX window have been shown and now select “Automatic” as the “Startup type”. 
  • On the “Services status”, it has to be on, if not then click on the “Start” button.
  •   Now choose the “Recovery tab”
  • Now you find three drop-down menus:-
    • First Failure
    • Second Failure
    • Subsequent failure
  • Set all three menus in the “Restart Services”.
  • Now Repeat the whole step and process with the QBCF monitor service.

Now after completing all the processes with the QBCF monitor service, open the QB on the computer that has the error H202, switch to the multi-user mode if it allows working on it, the problem is fixed if not then go ahead with the next solution.

Method: 4 QuickBooks Windows File need a new Folder

To solve the QB error your QBW file needs a new folder and to create a new folder these are the steps to follow. 

  • On the server computer, create a new file
  • Share the folder, set up the folder, and give Windows the access permission to share the file.
  • Copy the QBW file to the new folder.
  • Open your company file in Multi-User mode

If the multi-user error goes off, you will easily work on multi-user mode on the QBW file if not then come to the next step to resolve the QB status error.

Method: 5 Changes in Firewall Settings

The error you are facing while using a multi-user mode might be happening because of the firewall blocking the data exchange between the servers of QuickBooks.

You can remove the blockage in the QB, just have to add some exceptions in the firewall settings and may also make changes in the permission tab of the firewall. Now open the QuickBooks desktop and switch to the multi-user mode. Work on it to check if the error is still there or not. If it still exists then go through the nest solution.

Method: 6 Recreate the.ND file

While the error occurs it may corrupt .ND file in your system, now you have to delete and create a new .ND file. Follow the path given below.

  • In Windows, search the box then type “*.ND” click on the ‘Enter” button.
  • When you get the result, select it, click right with the mouse then select the “Delete” option to delete it.
  • Click on the Window “Start” button
  • Click on “All Program” go to “QuickBooks” and find “ QuickBooks Database Server Manager”
  • Click on the “Scan Folder” tab
  • Click on “Add Folder”, browse the company file to it.
  • Select the company file, click on the “Ok” button
  • Click on the “Scan”, now the scanning starts
  • After the scanning is completed click on “close” to shut the tab

To check if the QB error is gone or not, open the QuickBooks and switch to multi-user if it starts and works properly then your solution methods work.

I’m hoping that the error you are facing in your system may remove after applying these solutions. The error H202 is only occurring because of the communication and connectivity loss, and applying the above-written methods can easily remove the error. Always make sure to take a backup before performing any kind of solution because sometimes it may harm your data due to the wrong implication of the solution. 

If you are still hanging with the tread to solve the error and all these solutions doest affect your error H202 then you have to contact QuickBooks Customer Support Team, they have a professional team to resolve the issues occurring the errors. 

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