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Quickbooks File Doctor : Fix Network and Company File Issues

Quickbooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is an authorized tool for QuickBooks software to resolve the errors interrupting the work. This particular tool is part of the QuickBooks tool hub group that integrated the errors from QuickBooks accounting software. 

But first, we have to know about Quickbooks where are errors are occurring and QuickBooks file doctors get the responsibility to fix it. So, talking about QuickBooks is renowned accounting software that is designed to ease all the daily requirements of the business in no time without hassle and error. Accounting and Book-keeping are the main aspects of any business and this particular software takes care of this section entirely. But, when there are many things to appreciate about this software, one thing that keeps interrupting the work is the errors in the software. From here, QuickBooks File Doctors works get started, this error fixing tool scan the error from the system and gets trashed out of the QuickBooks Company file. 

This post will provide you the entire knowledge about QuickBooks File Doctor Tool from its definition to its work and from its steps to download to the way this tool act while fixing the error. So without wasting any time let’s get to the point and explain to you what QuickBooks File Doctor is?

What is QuickBooks File Doctor?

When the maker of Quickbooks accounting software came to know that the QB software has some issues that can be difficult to fix manually they created a new accommodating software tool to assist the user of QuickBooks software called Quickbooks File Doctor. It’s easy to use and moderate software files to fix certain types of data corruption, Windows setup problems, network setup problems. This tool not only fixes the error but saves the data from corruption or damage. It is a handy gadget to resolve issue occurs while working on the QB software. 

Before the QB file Doctor tool, intuit has developed two different tools to fix errors occurring in QB software. The first one is the Company file QuickBooks diagnostic tool and the second one is the Quickbooks network connectivity diagnosis Tool. both tools were worked for the QB company file but take time and it’s also very difficult for the user to choose from both the tool to choose which one or which one will work for which error. So Intuit will create new software to support QuickBooks desktop and combined both previous tools in one program that is the QuickBooks file doctor tool.

Errors that QuickBooks File Doctor Tool can Resolve

QuickBooks File Doctor is a helpful tool to fix all those crucial errors that will interrupt work while working on the company file. 

When you are enabled to open the QuickBooks Company file and get any of the following error codes on your screen;

  • QuickBooks Error 6150
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 82
  • QuickBooks Error code 6000 305
  • Quickbooks Error code 6000 301
  • Quickbooks Error code  6147
  • Quickbooks Error code 6130
  • If you are facing a blank or missing customer list or vendor list from the company file.
  • If your display screen is blank
  • QuickBooks Network error H202, H101, H303, or H505 over a multi-user mode.
  • When sample company file is only accessible but company files get totally damaged.

Type of Quickbooks File Doctors

Before hoping to the steps to download, discuss the type of file doctors available and some important key information about Quickbooks desktop file doctor that will help you while downloading the tool.

There are two types of Quickbooks File doctor QBFD and these are:

  • QuickBooks Built-in File Doctor

This category is available for Quickbooks 2016 and later on 

  • QBFD stand-alone version

This category of QuickBooks File doctor will be downloaded from the internet and this version is used from the server where only the QuickBooks Database server manager component is installed for hosting reasons.

Steps to Download Quickbooks File Doctor and Installation

From the above information, you will get to know that there are two types of QBFD one comes in-built QB software version 2016 and later on and the second one will be downloaded from the internet. So let’s head to the steps to download the second version of Quickbooks File Doctor.

Before downloading the QBFD you have to know that if;

  • You are using the QuickBooks Desktop version of 2016 or the versions that came after that, you have the in-built QBFD in the QuickBooks software pack.
  • But it is recommended to use the external, versions of QuickBooks file doctor for a better experience. 
  • It is a must to have a .NET framework on your system for the framework setup of the QuickBooks File Doctor.

The QBFD Stand-Alone version

  • Download the QuickBooks doctor file from the official site of Intuit 
  • Now run the QBFD.exe file on your system, now the installation begins

QuickBooks desktop install diagnosis tool

  • After completing the Installation, the QuickBook file doctor will automatically open up on your screen

The QBFD in the Quickbooks Tool hub 

First, download the QuickBooks Tool hub from the official site of Intuit.

  • Save the file of the QB tool hub where you can easily access it like Desktop.
  • Now open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file 
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen to install the tool hub
  • Now, it takes some time to install 
  • After the installation finishes, double-click on the icon from the desktop to open it. 

QuickBooks Install diagnosis tool

  • Now, when the Quickbook Tool hub opens, you will see the page with six different tabs aligned vertically.
  • In the second tab namely the company file issue you will get the company file doctor option to resolve the error that occurred in the QuickBooks company file.
System requirements

Before stepping in to use the Quickbooks File doctor you have these systems required to fulfill:

Quickbooks File Doctor



Uses of QuickBooks File Doctors in Different Categories

1: Built-In Version of Quickbooks File Doctor

As the name states itself, this is the in-built tool in QuickBooks software version 2016 and later on. Because of its in-built nature, it detects the issues of QuickBooks software on its own and launches the scan itself. This is the simplest way to get rid of the errors by clicking on the start button only. But it has some process which you have to follow respectively;

  • With the built-in version, launch the Quickbooks without opening the company file
  • After that, you are required to go to the File menu
  • Then click on the Utilities option 
  • Now click on the Repair File and Network problems to start the built-in version of QuickBooks File doctor.

Download Quickbook File Doctor

  • Now you have to browse and select the company file where the error occurs and require the diagnosis
  • Now click on the Open button.
  • From the drop-down list of Show advance Setting, select the rectification process to scan the file 
  • Now click on the next option.
  •  Now you will see blank space for ID and Password, enter the correct credential 
  • Now click on the next option. 
  • Now your file is under scanning, the file doctor will process the file and resolve the error. 
  • After the process was completed, go to the company file and tried to open it.

2: Stand-Alone Version of Quickbooks File Doctor

  • After Installing the Stand-alone version of the QuickBooks desktop file doctor, it automatically opens up on the screen
  • If the file does not open automatically, then go to the start button and select programs, find the QBFD icon and click on it to open. 
  • Now, tap on the drop-down section to locate the company file
  • If you can’t find it just click on the Browse button to find it on your own from the hard drive  
  • Now select the option check file damage only and then hit on the diagnose file button.
  • Now your file is in the process to locate the error you are facing while working in the company file. 
  • After the scan completed the file doctor tool window showed up two options, choose wisely to fix the error; 
  • Option 1

If you are receiving the 6000 error related to your company file or you think the company file is damaged

  • Option 2

If you are receiving Network errors like H101, H202, H303, H505, 

  • After selecting the perfect option to resolve the error, enter the Company File Admin Password
  • Now click on the Next Button. 
  • In the next step, again choose one preferred option from two option
  • Workstation option.

If you are troubleshooting on a client’s computer where the QuickBooks Company file is stored on that computer.

  • Server option.

If you are troubleshooting on a client’s computer where the QuickBooks Company file is not stored on that computer.    

  • Now if you are working on the QuickBooks Server Select the option Yes
  • If you are working on the QuickBooks Workstation select option No.
  • After completing all the steps as stated, QuickBooks Doctor File will start repairing the company file and it takes some time so have some patience and wait. 
  • The time is taken by the QBFD totally depends on the size of the file, network speed, and severity of the issues of the company file. 
  • After the diagnosis is completed successfully, you will receive a success message from QBFD.
  • Now close the file doctor and open the QuickBooks Company file.

3: QuickBooks File Doctor in QB Tool hub

  • After the successful Installation of the Quickbooks Tool hub just double-clicks on the icon to open it.
  • You will see a structured box will different vertical tabs on it. 
  • Click on the second tab under the Home option namely Company File issue.
  • Go to the tab, you will see it has a heading of Fix My Company File.

QuickBookf file doctor Download

  • Later on, there is a green button namely Run QuickBooks File Doctor, click on it.  
  • Now, select the desired file you want to repair from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, Enter the Admin credentials and click on next to start the scanning process. 

Now, you have the full guide to exploring the QuickBooks File Doctor entirely. But despite being awesome and helpful software for QuickBooks desktop it has some limitations to use its service.

Limitation of Quickbook Desktop File Doctor 

There are some of the limitations of the QuickBooks file doctor tool listed below:

  • The first and foremost limitation is a good network connection that a user must have to stay connected with the work process, file upload, and manual repair.
  •  The limitation of the company file can’t be exceeded than 2GB.
  • When are about to run the Network Diagnosis you need to have the Admin pane access. 
  • Quickbooks must be in the Hosting position.
  • The Quickbooks file doctor is not accessible in the Canada version. The user needs to have the UK or the US version of Quickbooks in their system. 
  • When the Windows UAC is ON, the QB file doctor tool will Re-Launch with raised admin rights.
  • If the user is accessible to Quickbooks company file, then and only, the user can use the Quickbooks Desktop File Doctor.

After a long discussion upon Quickbooks File Doctor and their aspects, types, usages limitation, and the download process this post comes to its end. Hopefully, this information is useful to you and assist you while downloading and using the QBFD software on your system. In case if there is an error that can’t be handled by the Quickbooks desktop file doctor contact the Quickbooks Customer Support experts. They are 24×7 available for assisting Quickbooks company file users and help them with those errors that can not be deal with in any other software.   

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