Quickbooks Payroll Update

How to get Quickbooks Payroll Update? [Solved]

Quickbooks Payroll Update

QuickBooks payroll update is necessarily important to up-to-date with the new version of the payroll tax table and pays your employees accurately. QuickBooks Payroll is the main aspect of QuickBooks Desktop, where all the issues and activities related to payroll recorded on daily basis. Intuit, an American software company developed and marketed a very crucial accounting software named QuickBooks. In Quickbooks, payroll is the biggest solution to all those organizations facing challenges to manage their payroll accounting due to high precision and no room for error. But the software will be software, it also needs some feed to work properly thus, we have to keep it updates with the latest taxation and employment laws. There are so many things on the plate but you cannot ignore any one of them.    

In this post, we will discuss the payroll benefits and after that most importantly we will learn to update the payroll step by step.

What QuickBooks Payroll is?

QuickBooks payroll is a foremost component in QuickBooks that made every day work easy for any accounting person or a person with a running business employing a workforce. A payroll software solution has everything you need to automate the task of payroll processing.

Like every past year, Intuit comes up with the latest QuickBooks payroll update that enhances the features in the older version of the Payroll tax table and makes it more reliable and effortless. So let’s check out the latest updates that made QuickBooks even more important.   Update Quickbooks payroll

Benefits of QuickBooks Payroll Updates

The latest payroll tax table adds some new essential features as the version gets updated. The payroll process has improved, along with new modified features, easy company file searches, payment reminders, and many more.

New Features for QuickBooks Desktop Update 2020- Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprises 

  • With the latest QuickBooks payroll updated, you can add customer PO in the email subject.
  • Now, you can easily send batch invoices to the customers.
  • With the upgraded version, you can send a reminder to your customer for the payment automatically.
  • With the Find a company file option on No Company Open Windows you can easily find your company from anywhere on your system. 
  • In the latest update, the all-new features will give to ability to collapse or expand the columns.
  • In the upgraded version, you can see the payroll status of the employee that is paid by direct deposit. 

New Feature for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum 2020

  • With the QuickBooks Tax table update, you can easily calculate the cost of the product, and All the items related to freight, shipping, insurance, etc. can be included in determining the actual cost of the inventory items. 
  • In the latest update, a new feature alternate vendor is added where a new Items table has been added to the Vendor Center containing all the items related to a specific vendor.
  • With the latest version, you will be able to get all the functions like the pick, pack, and shipping in one unified form.

Your Quickbooks Desktop is in the requirement of upgradation from its older version to the newer. The latest Quickbooks Payroll updates have many more features that you might have needed. The above-written points are those new blazes that made your business efficient, effective, and smooth. Scroll down to grasp all the knowledge to update your payroll tax table and make it more invulnerable.

Point to remember Before Update

But before updating the Payroll there are some points you need to remember and these are;

  • The user is required to have an active payroll subscription if they wish to update the tax table.
  • It is recommended by Intuit that the user should download the tax table at least within 45 days, or they can update the same every time they make payment to their employees.
  • Lastly, the user is required to turn on the automatic updates feature in QuickBooks Desktop, if they want to receive the payroll tax table updates automatically, the moment the update releases.

Update the QuickBooks Payroll

Indeed, it is important to install the latest QuickBooks payroll updates to maintain your accounts and book-keeping section and most important always be in the race with your competitors. To update the latest version of QuickBooks Payroll update you just need to follow some steps and you are good to go.   

Steps to install the Intuit Payroll Update

  •  First, go to the Employees menu, then select Get payroll updates
  • After that, select Download entire update checkbox
  • Now select Download the latest updates. 

QuickBooks-Payroll tax Update

  • Now, tap on the Update button
  • A new window will appear on the screen when the download is completed with a statement: “A new tax table and updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your Desktop. Click OK to read about the modification”.
  • Click on the OK button and you are good to go. 

Steps to install a Payroll Tax Table update from a CD

Step1: Enter your Service and Disk Delivery key (CD)
  • Go to Employees Menu
  • Select Payroll
  • Now, enter the payroll service key in it.
  • Select the option Add on the QuickBooks Service sign-up screen
  • Now enter your service key and click on Next
  • Enter your Desk Delivery Key and again click next

Quickbooks payroll Update

Step 2: Install the Update from CD

You will get a confirmation message after the new tax table is installed.

  • Insert the Payroll Update CD into the CD drive
  • Now, Go to the Employees Menu
  • Select the option Get payroll updates.
  • Select Install updates from Disk
  • Now hit on the Install option. 


With all the important points and facts, I’m hoping that you succeed in installing the QuickBooks tax table update of the newest versions. If not then go and install it. In Case, you got Quickbooks Update Error 15106 then try re-installing Quickbooks in Selective Startup Mode. 

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