QuickBooks Point of Sale Invalid Product Number

Quickbooks Point of Sale Invalid Product Number – Quickbooks POS

Quickbooks Point of sale is one of the support to Quickbooks accounting software that has feature-rich components to take care of the business book of any company.

Quickbooks accounting software is the most versatile and useful software package for small and medium-sized companies worldwide. This software pack is developed and marketed by an American software development company, Intuit. Quickbooks is important software that any businessman wants to take care of their business books and obtain ahead within the path of success. This software has every aspect to take care of payroll, record transactions, make bill payments, create customized receipts, tax calculations, set reminders for future payments, and far more. These qualities make distinct Quickbooks Desktop from other software.

Quickbooks POS is one among a sort that eases the work of the users and deals as a central hub. Track sales, manage inventory, keep track of the purchasers to stay up with their activities, and improve the connection with the business is that the most vital work of Quickbooks POS. Quickbooks Point-of-sale supports various small and medium-sized enterprises like small franchises, clothing, and shoe stores, sports equipment stores, etc. it can easily handle an outsized number of inventories in business on just one occasion because the system is integrated to handle over 1500 items at a time. Despite such amazing features, users often complain about the several errors they face while using Quickbooks Point-of-sale. The users may often encounter invalid product numbers in Quickbooks POS.Quickbooks point of sale invalid product number

This post is all about the Quickbooks POS invalid product number, where we discussed the error in short and also determined the explanations causing the error, and solution during a step-by-step guide one after the opposite lately. So, with none further ado, let’s hop to the subject.

Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number: Definition 

Quickbooks Point-of-sale invalid number refers to invalid product code or number code. This error is additionally referred to as Quickbooks error 176109. This error often occurs when the user tries to open Quickbooks POS and it denies access then a pop-up message flashes on the monitor with a mistake message. The message says the key authentication file is essentially corrupted or missing.

Quickbooks need enough permission to read and write the corporate file without further interruption. If the user has not the executive level authentication, then the Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number error will appear.

What Causes the QuickBooks POS Invalid Number?

These are the factors behind the occurrence of Quickbooks POS invalid product number error code 176109.

  • The content of the Quickbooks POS Entitlement field is missing or damaged.
  • The Quickbooks point-of-sale installation process is completed with wrong or incorrect product code.
  • The user doesn’t have the executive level authentication to access the corporate file.

Important Point to notice Before Troubleshooting Invalid Product number Quickbooks POS

Before getting to troubleshooting the Quickbooks error 179106 otherwise you can say Quickbooks POS Invalid product number error, the user must accomplish some task. These tasks are;

  • Must create backup data of the corporate file before proceeding with any of the methods to urge obviate the error.
  • Check out the newest available version of Quickbooks point-of-sale. If available then update the Quickbooks POS cause the newest version helps bent resolve the error.
  • You need to delete the entitlement folder from windows that are a hidden folder so change the windows settings to point out hidden files.
  • Display Hidden Files in Windows 7 and Windows Vista:
  1. Click the Windows Start button and choose My Computer.
  2. Under the Organize tab, select Folder and Search Options.
  3. Under the View tab, click Show Hidden Files and Folders.
  4. Now unmark Hide Protected System Operating Files and click on Yes.
  5. Click Apply then click OK.
  • Display Hidden Files in Windows 8 and 8 .1:
  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E on the keyboard.
  2. Select the File Extension under the View tab and click on Hidden Items.
  • Display Hidden Files in Windows 10:
  1. Click the Folder icon at the rock bottom of the screen within the System Tray.
  2. Click Hidden Items under the View tab.

QuickBooks Pos Invalid Product Number Error Code 179601: Troubleshoot Methods 

These are the solutions to fix this error, apply these solutions one by one on the error to fix it. 

1: Delete the Contents within Entitlement Client Folder

  • Press the Windows +E key together to open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to the C drive and follow the trail C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8

Quickbooks point of sale invalid product number

  • Now you show the entire content written within the entitlement file, press the Ctrl+A key together to pick all the files.
  • Now click on the delete choice to delete it.
  • Now, attend the Quickbooks POS, open it, and check out registering the appliance again

2: Rename the WS Activity File

  • Press the Windows +E key together to open Windows Explorer
  • Follow the pathway C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini
  • Now click on the WS Activity file.
  • Now right-click thereon with the Mouse and headed to rename
  • Rename the file with OLD WS Activity and click on it anywhere to save lots of it.
  • Now exit from the folder
  • Delete the entitlement folder again
  • Now Relaunch the Quickbooks POS

3: Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop Point-of-sale

If all the above solutions didn’t make up for the Quickbooks post invalid product number error. Just uninstall the Quickbook desktop pos from the system and install it again. But before hoping for this solution, confirm you’ve created the backup of the corporate file data on your system. If not then it’s advised to make it before trying this method.

This solution is in several steps. Let’s get to the primary one.

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  • Uninstall the Quickbooks Desktop Point-of-Sale
    Quickbooks point of sale invalid product number
  • Go to the instrument panel
  • Click on the Program and have
  • In the list of Programs and features select Quickbooks Desktop POS.
  • Now click on the Uninstall choice to uninstall it
  • After that follow the trail to finish the method.
  • Rename all the Point-of-Sale folders
  • Just add OLD at the top of every folder’s name to make a difference between the old and new folder of Quickbooks POS
  • Re-Install the Quickbooks Point-of-Sale
  • Go to the official site of Intuit and download the Quickbooks Desktop POS
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation process of QB POS.
  • Restore the corporate File
  • After successful installation open the Quickbooks Desktop POS
  • Here, create a replacement company file and restore the created backup
  • Now, open the Point-of-sale again to verify the error is gone or not
  • Register the Quickbooks POS again

Final Words!

Regarding all the above information, hopefully, your all concerns and queries are fulfilled. This post upheld all the knowledge associated with Quickbooks POS Invalid Product Number aka QuickBooks Error 179106. During this post, we discuss the brief introduction of this issue and therefore the factors behind the error. This post also includes the answer in several terms alongside detailed steps to ease the way of the users to resolve the error. We filled up the post with all the essential to advance facts to scoop the users of QuickBooks POS who face errors associated with invalid product code.

In any case, if the error still persists after trying all the above-mentioned solutions you’re advised to contact experts from Quickbooks Customer support for better assistance. they’re always available to assist you to call in a nasty situation and provide you a fast and straightforward solution to urge obviate the error.

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