Quickbooks Update For Mac

Quickbooks Update For Mac: Download Latest Release 2021[Tutorial]

QuickBooks update for Mac

QuickBooks Update for Mac is available by Intuit with the version of 2021 which makes receiving payments easier than the last version. You may also have this update on your system by following the steps that we will be discussing later in this post. But before talking about the latest updates let’s know what QuickBooks is?

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit and available in Windows and Mac both formats for all small and medium-sized enterprises to maintain their accounting and book-keeping work in a mannered way.

QuickBooks Update for Mac 

QuickBooks desktop for mac is totally initiated for the user of the OS system. This software is associated with both the world OS and Quickbooks. The features set of Mac and accounting sophistication of QuickBooks make this software a modern UI of QuickBooks Mac users. The updated version of QuickBooks for Mac has some features that improve the customization and functionality better.


  •  QuickBooks Mac update has a dark mode enable-feature for the dark look.
  • It is less buggy and runs more smoothly than the previous one so with the latest version you will get more protection from hackers.
  • One more advantage of the QB upgradation of mac is that it has a feature of Double-entry accounting, cash-basis, and accrual accounting. 

As the above words state that the new features in Quickbooks mac make it more efficient but it has some cons that may outweigh the pros.


  •  After updating the QuickBooks Mac to the latest version, you will not be able to use the integration in your accounting system.
  • You will face poor customer supporting feature along with, no payroll and no payment processing feature. 
  • Quickbooks mac updates doest not support more than three users on the system.

These are the comparative pros and cons that you will get with the up-gradation of the Quickbooks desktop. Instead of many flaws, many Mac users are excited about the latest software to work on their system. So here we are with a guide to assist you in upgrading the QuickBooks Mac.  

So, if you are a Quickbooks Mac user then check out the detailed steps to Quickbooks update for Mac on your own. 

Steps to Upgrade QuickBooks Updates for Mac

To update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest update of Mac you get two ways. The first one is of course In-product Update, where you will go to check the latest update In QuickBooks update, and if it’s there you just have to update it that is not just too tough to do.Update Quickbooks On Mac

And the second one is a Manual Update, where you have to Uninstall the QuickBooks Mac update and then reinstall it to get the QuickBooks Update for Mac. It may sound difficult but it’s not you just have to follow the lead from the below instruction and you will get success in Updating the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. So, let’s get started with the first one.

Method: 1 In-Product Update

  • Firstly, Open QuickBooks Desktop, and from the drop-down option select Check for QuickBooks Update.
  • Check for the newer version, if it’s available then click on the option Install Update.
  • Wait for an indication and then select Install and Relaunch
  • Now, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac will automatically open when the QuickBooks Update process is over.

Method: 2 Manual Update

This step is divided into two parts, in the first half, you will get to know how to uninstall the QuickBooks Mac? And in the second half, you will get the answer to How to Reinstall the QuickBook update for Mac? But before initiating the process, restore a backup of the company file from QuickBooks so that after uninstalling the Quickbooks data will be safe and can be used further in the reinstallation step. 

Step: 1 How to Uninstall QuickBooks Mac?

  • Close the QuickBooks For mac
  • Go to the Finder menu and select the Go application.
  • After this action, you have to select the QuickBooks icon with the mouse pointer and drag the QB icon and leave the cursor on the trash icon.

You successfully uninstall the Quickbooks Mac Dekstop and now it’s time for the other half part to do. 

Step: 2 How to Reinstall QuickBooks Mac or QuickBooks Mac Upgrade?

  • Go to the QuickBooks download and update the page to initiate the installation.
  •  Select Change to change your country, product, and version. 
  • Now to download the installer file, click on the option Download
  • Now, double-click on .dmg file with your mouse cursor.
  • After following the above steps correctly you downloaded the QuickBooks desktop successfully and the QB icon is now shown on your system.
  • Drag the QuickBooks icon to the Application folder to install the Quickbooks. 
  • Now you can use the QuickBooks Mac Update with the latest version.
  • After the installation is done, restore the Company file in Quickbooks.  

These steps are easy to follow and remember you just need to focus on it and it’s done. Congratulations! you‘ve just install QuickBooks Mac Upgrade in your system. But how you will get to know that the steps you follow will actually do its work or not. Not to worry we have a solution for this too. You just have to do one thing;

Open QuickBooks and press cmd+1 keys together or just press the F1 key and a dialogue box will pop up on your screen with information about your latest update like License and Product Number. You can match these numbers with your original purchase mail if you bought Quickbooks directly from the official website Or if you purchase it from a Retail store you will find the same number on the packaging. 

QuickBooks update for mac License Number

Installing the QuickBooks mac update for mac is not the only task that will help you with a smooth and efficient work environment. You will also need a server to run your QuickBooks Mac Update

Follow the steps to install the QuickBooks server for mac:

  • Go to QuickBooks (Year) server located next to the Apple logo.
  • Choose the option check for QuickBooks server update to check out the latest available server 
  • Hit on the button Install update to install the server.
  • Now, click on the Install and Relaunch option.  

These steps help you to set up a server for QuickBooks mac upgrade in your Apple-owned system. With the upgraded version of QuickBooks, you have access to many new services to boost your productivity.

Final Note

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you and make your way easy to upgrade your Quickbooks Update for Mac on your own. But if you think that these steps make you confused or you will be messed up everything while performing the steps, just contact QuickBooks customer support experts for any help. They are the experts to help you with any kind of issue or error in QuickBooks.  

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